Instagram Success: Thought process of a very instagramable post

Thought process to a very instagram-able shot.

(and my first blog 😮 )

So I guess This is where I join the hordes of internetians (thats a real term right?) in the blogging game.

To me a photo is the ability to capture one scene/ moment in time to the best of ones abilities, taking responsibility for every aspect of the frame even if its a piece of dust so far out of focus you can't quite make out what it is.

In this post I'm going to break down exactly my thought process of my latest instagram photo.

  • What gave me the inspiration
  • What was I going to use the photo for
  • Why I chose this composition
  • The main points to this photo (some that you may have over looked)

lets begin with what gave me inspiration for this shot. My friend had just got me my first Hasselblad and all I wanted to do was look through it and well show it off ;). I had also just put some final touches on my room with a couple new plants, the light was looking great which lead me to have a "F-it lets do it" moment.
Inspiration to me is always one little thought and then expanding from there.

This photo was purely instagram for me (and well after processing it realised it was a great way to start my blog). I wanted this shot to be quite natural and inviting.

the composition was really quite easy in this shot, I had 3 points I wanted to show off and the light was only in one spot (obviously used natural light for this), the bugs above my bed, the plants and me with the camera. The main plant and the bugs are at around the same level and I sit a touch lower it give a nice triangle, so when you first look at the photo you see me, your eye leads you to the bugs then the plants then back to me. so your eyes keep looking over the photo keeping it interesting.

Now theres a few little things I loved to point out to you that you probably hadn't noticed

  1. The pose I'm using I haven't tried to have my back super straight nor am I looking at the camera. I've just relaxed and got comfortable, giving you the feeling "I'm at home, I'm relaxed, I'm happy.
  2. In my right hand I've let the viewer see that I have my trigger/shutter release in my hand. Without having to ask you know this a "selfie" (for lack of a better term).
  3. Soooo the last one was actually a happy little accident. I didn't realise that my light meter was actually in the frame. It really helps tell the story of this shot, the preparation and care I go to take one shot even if its just a casual showing of my new camera selfie.

before I stop rambling on, there is always a few things in a shot that you can always improve on. the 2 areas I would improve if I were going to take this shot again; the loss of detail in the dark wall on the left hand side, my face and arm are a touch over exposed. Yes you can fix that in post but who's got time for that right?

Let me know what guys processes you guys go through to take a shot? Does it always work out for you once you've thought it through? What do you think makes an amazing instagram post?

😃 😃 😃